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Meet Dr Joel Hooper (Chiropractor)

Chiropractor Leeming, Dr Joel HooperWhen Dr Joel was younger, his mother was injured in a severe car accident, which left her with a variety of problems—mostly related to her neck and lower back.

One day, she saw a chiropractor. Ever since, Dr. Joel was intrigued by the profession, and it ultimately became the perfect career for him.

Dr. Joel attended the renowned Murdoch University, where he obtained his Bachelor of Clinical Chiropractic with Distinction as well as his Bachelor of Science with a focus in chiropractic.

Changing Lives, Naturally

Dr. Joel continues to participate in professional development courses and seminars as he believes it allows him to grow and provide patients with the best possible care. He has a passion for learning and enjoys expanding his knowledge into different areas of natural health and wellness.

When it comes to his patients, Dr. Joel hopes to help them understand their health to the fullest, and aims to make them an active partner in their chiropractic care. He believes that when patients understand the power of chiropractic and how it works to restore balance and function to the nervous system, they’re better equipped to manage their health naturally for years to come.


Outside of the Practice

When he isn’t changing lives in the practice, Dr. Joel enjoys staying active by playing football, basketball, waterskiing and occasionally competing in the Rottnest channel swim every now and then. He also loves to spend time with his friends and family, soaking up all that Leeming has to offer.

Learn more about Dr. Joel when you book your first appointment with our practice—he looks forward to welcoming you into our practice.

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