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Dr Ryan Kennedy

I knew I wanted to be a Chiropractor and I am now fortunate enough to live that dream every day.


Dr Ryan Kennedy (Chiropractor)

I completed my Masters of Chiropractic from Macquarie University in Sydney; prior to this I completed an Honours degree in Kinesiology from Lakehead University in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada.

Chiropractic is a powerful and effective method of natural health care.

As a Chiropractor my focus is on correcting spinal misalignment to restore normal neurological function and allow you to express your greatest potential for health. Chiropractic is very much a lifestyle choice; it is a key component in achieving and maintaining a high quality of life.

My partner Mel and I love living the Chiropractic lifestyle; I am personally adjusted a minimum of once a week. A lot of people ask me “why so often?” The simple answer is, it keeps me feeling great! I’m 32 and competing at a national level in beach volleyball and most importantly my energy levels are through the roof! Mel is the same. Without Chiropractic I know we would not be enjoying the health and lifestyle that we are today.

One of the most rewarding parts of my day is watching people experience a transformation in their health as they go through Chiropractic care. Improved health is infectious and the lifestyle gains that it results in can be exponential. Regular Chiropractic care allows people to regain their awareness of healthy living and helps them maintain this high high quality over the course of their life.

Our door at the Leeming Chiropractic Centre is always open to you and your family. We would be more than happy to talk to you and help you express your full potential for life.

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