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Leeming Chiropractic Centre Community Outreach

Community Health & Wellness Education in Leeming and Bull Creek, Murdoch

audience watching a seminarDr Malcolm Rudd (Chiropractor) and his team of experienced practitioners are passionate about education and ongoing learning. They attend seminars and engage in new training each year, in a quest for continued education.

He believes strongly in keeping on top of the latest in chiropractic technology and methods, as well as other health and wellness topics and how they relate to his clients. It’s more than just providing an adjustment – he wants his clients to thrive in optimal health.

Recognising a need for further education throughout the community, Dr Malcolm and his team now offer seminars for businesses and organisations about various health and wellness topics, so they can spread their wealth of knowledge.


Workshops and Functional Screenings Offered

Through these educational workshops, Dr Malcolm and his team will present on topics, including but not limited to:

  • Sleep health
  • Sports performance
  • Allergies
  • Stress, Headache, and fatigue
  • Pregnancy
  • Nutrition

If you have a new moms’ group, a men’s club, an Optimist group or you’re part of a similar group, or you think your business can benefit from a visit, we’re happy to visit you and provide our wealth of information on a particular topic of interest.

The team also offers functional screenings, where our highly skilled staff will assess attendees’ movements for potential problems, and they perform ergonomic screenings in businesses to ensure employees are set up for the best possible performance throughout the day.

Health is a Community-Wide Concern

We are all in this together, and we want the community to have the same access to the latest in health and wellness information as our team at Leeming Chiropractic Centre.

We want everyone in the community to enjoy optimal health. Positive change can only occur when you have access to further education and understand how your body can benefit from improved sleep, nutrition and the like. It’s our mission to ensure this is possible, and we see it as our mission to spread the wealth to others.

Schedule Yours Today

If you want to set up a continuing education workshop and screenings for your business or community organisation, contact us today! We’re happy to schedule a visit and help our community understand the many ways we can all improve our health.



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