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Leeming Chiropractic Centre Chiropractic Assistant, Kate Rudd

Kate Rudd

I have been a member of the team at Leeming Chiropractic Centre for many years, being married to the principal chiropractor, Malcolm Rudd. In 2010 I began actively participating in the care of clients and day to day running of the clinc. I am now one of the team of chiropractic assistants and I enjoy being involved in our family business and look forward to my days at work.

We are a family practice and being a mother of 3 boys, I enjoy talking with the clients about their health and that of their children. I love this part of my role in the practice as I can draw on my own experience. I understand that good health is very important to us all, especially our family. Good health comes from quality choices and for myself and my family I choose good diet, exercise, a positive attitude to life and an optimal functioning nervous system.


Taylah Allen

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Elena Hylands


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